Conservation Groups

Here are links and information for conservation groups with goals relating to Florida. If you have a group you think should be here, send us an email!

The Gopher Tortoise Council
“The Council offers professional advice for management, conservation, and protection of gopher tortoises; encourages the study of the life history, ecology, and management of gopher tortoises and other upland species; conducts active public information and conservation education programs, and seeks effective protection of the gopher tortoise and other upland species throughout the southeastern United States.”

The Orianne Society
“The Orianne Society is a 501(c)(3) wildlife conservation organization that was founded in 2008 to save the threatened eastern indigo snake (Drymarchon couperi). Using the eastern indigo snake as our flagship, we work nationally and internationally to conserve rare reptiles and amphibians.”

Sea Turtle Conservancy
“The Sea Turtle Conservancy, formerly known as the Caribbean Conservation Corporation, is the world’s oldest sea turtle research and conservation group.”



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